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    How to use the Rental Packages:

  • • Simply click on "Rent" in the BlueSG app.

  • • When the list of the available packages appears(1), select the package of your choice and validate.

  • • The package you choose will appear at the top of your screen and a car will be automatically selected. If you think you might need more battery for your trip, you can select a different car.

  • • Tap the « Confirm » button to start your rental with your chosen Package(2)

  • • At the end of your journey tap your membership card on the charging point, reconnect and lock the Bluecar as usual to end your rental(3).

    Terms & Conditions:
  • • 2hr Rental Packages are available from Monday to Friday*. *till 1500H on Friday

  • • 3hr Rental Packages are available from Monday to Friday.

  • • 6hr Rental Packages are available from Monday to Friday

  • • Midnight Rental Packages are available from Monday to Friday, between 0000H to 0500H. Each midnight rental package is of a duration of 2½ hr.

  • Weekends
  • • 3hr Rental Packages are available from Saturday to Sunday.

  • • 6hr Rental Packages are available from Saturday to Sunday.

  • • All packages (weekdays and weekends) are valid till 29 December 2023, 2359H, except Public Holidays and selected Eve of Public Holidays.

  • • Packages are only applicable to Bluecar rentals. Packages does not apply to Corsa-e rentals.

(1) Packages may vary : Their availability, duration and cost might change. You can see the list of packages available at any given moment directly on the app by tapping the « Rent » button.

(2) During your rental, make sure you have enough battery to reach your destination and reconnect the car to a BlueSG station. You should only reconnect the car once you are ready to end your rental.

(3) The minimum charge for your rental will amount to the total price of the package, the equivalent price per minute is only indicative. If your rental is shorter than the package you have purchased, no refund can be issued. If your rental exceeds the duration described in the package, each additional minute will be billed at the price per minute specified in your membership.