Working @ BlueSG


People @ BlueSG

Sonny, CCO Agent

"Joining BlueSG has been both exciting and fun! It is a new company and the experience of us growing strongly has been very positive and encouraging.

All the changes at work though stressful at times are overshadowed by the good working environment and enthusiastic colleagues. Working in the Command Centre for Operations is exciting as there is a lot of information to be processed and carried out. Overseeing the operation, we have to make quick and critical decisions that provides a smooth and pleasant experience for our customers.

Colleagues here at BlueSG comes from all walks of life and the sharing of their experiences makes working here pleasant and satisfying.


Azlan, Senior Customer Service Advisor

"Since I started out, working in BlueSG has been an amazing experience with positive atmosphere noticeable at all levels. Great culture, smiling people, enthusiastic, helpful, upbeat & genuine. BlueSG just felt right to me and this has always kept me motivated.

Having a “front line” role in the customer experience, it challenged my technical & soft skills. What I like most in my role as a Customer Service Advisor is providing a one-call solution to every customer.

With ‘Constant Desire to Innovate’ as part of our strong core value, we are growing intelligently. For those out there who want to experience a whole new level of contact center environment, challenging your skills, added with a family-like culture, BlueSG is the best place to call ‘home’."


Mohamed Nur, Field Service Engineer

"I was not certain at first as to what I was getting myself into, moving from an oil & gas industry to a clean energy industry. As time goes by, I am excited and happy as my knowledge and experience are being fully utilize and appreciated. Working with an eco-friendly vehicle, opens me to a whole new experience. Same systems and ideas are being used but in an eco-friendly way. New ideologies and experiences are important to me as I always believe that we exist to better our self.

The working environment is also great. New colleagues with various background and experience are always hard and we all have a different way to handle challenging situations. In the end, we always manage to pull through together.

It is a privilege and honor to work among my colleagues in BlueSG."


Fang Fang, Accounts Executive

"BlueSG is akin to a closely knitted family, it has also provided me with a dynamic working environment, providing challenges and various opportunities for peer to peer interaction to work as a team.

My favourite part of my scope would be seeing the cars that I have registered being on the road and being able to recall which are the batches of cars that I have registered and that makes me feel very proud to be part of this island-wide project that is helping to shape the future of Singapore!"


Priscilla, Architectural Executive

"Working in BlueSG has been an interesting and happy journey ever since I joined this company. I find that the most interesting part of my work is to go down to the various new sites weekly to survey and design the charging stations according to each site condition. To be able to design and see through the construction and opening of new charging stations brings a sense of satisfaction.

The open, friendly and harmonious working relationship with my senior and other department colleagues is something that I treasure the most because a good working relationship brings joy and meaning to the daily work grind. If you are looking for a company that has an open, friendly and growth-driven culture, then you should consider BlueSG."