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A successful first year for BlueSG.

Dec. 11, 2018
Press Release - 11 December 2018

A successful first year for BlueSG, the electric car sharing service developed by the Bolloré Group


Singapore, 11 December 2018 - BlueSG, the first Bolloré Group electric car sharing service in Asia, is celebrating its first year in Singapore. Marie Bolloré, Managing Director of Blue Solutions, in the presence of the Singapore government, pointed out this successful year and announced the development of new activities in Asia.


A car sharing programme very well received in Singapore


2          BlueSG was launched on 12 December 2017 in Singapore in order to fulfil the government’s dual objective: reducing the number of private cars on the road and propose an alternative model of transportation for its inhabitants, in addition to public transportation. Starting with 80 vehicles and 32 stations, BlueSG generated an immediate interest from the public with 2,000 members registering for the service before the launch.


3          Operating on the same model as its French, Italian, American and British counterparts, BlueSG offers an environmentally friendly, convenient and affordable transport solution. 300 electric vehicles Bluecar and 531 charging points at 135 stations are currently available island-wide. With more than 20,000 subscriptions sold and 100,000 rentals, this service is now part of Singapore’s landscape. 95.5% of the users are satisfied by the service as they can have access, every day, to a car without owning one and supporting the constraints (cost, maintenance, gasoline, etc.). « BlueSG has found its place in Singapore by answering at the same time to the government’s ambitions but also to its inhabitant transportation needs. Thanks to these promising results, we all have confidence on the upcoming steps », says Marie Bolloré.


New developments in 2019


4          In the upcoming months, the service will keep on growing to reach, by 2020, 1,000 vehicles, 500 stations and 2,000 charging points, in most cases easily accessible to residents and corporations. However, BlueSG wishes to go even further. Thus, in the 1st quarter of 2019, the service will progressively open its charging network to third party vehicles in order to foster the development of electric vehicles in Singapore. Private owners, after subscribing to the service, will be able to conveniently charge their vehicles either in HDB, URA, JTC or private carparks. BlueSG also intends to introduce a new offer: the corporate membership. In the next 6 months, Singapore corporations will be able to subscribe to BlueSG. Packages of rental hours will be made available to a number of drivers selected by the company which will be billed directly for the usage of their employees.


5          In the latest expansion of its charging network, BlueSG is pleased to announce that it will be installing charging stations across five CapitaLand malls, starting with four charging points at Plaza Singapura which began operations today. This collaboration is aligned with CapitaLand’s support for sustainable mobility and will provide greater convenience for its shoppers and tenants who subscribe to Singapore’s first nationwide electric car sharing programme.


6          BlueSG has also partnered with Our Tampines Hub (“OTH”), Singapore’s first-ever integrated community and lifestyle hub led by People’s Association, to open a station at OTH and provide more transport options adding to the comprehensive and diverse range of services, programmes and facilities.



7          Finally, BlueSG will be collaborating with Sentosa Development Corporation (“SDC”) to install car-sharing stations in Sentosa, providing another convenient 24-hour transportation option for local residents to visit Singapore’s holiday island. In addition, as part of SDC’s commitment to environmental sustainability and efforts to encourage car-sharing, guests entering Sentosa in BlueSG’s electric cars will enjoy free island admission from February 2019. Only BlueSG’s prevailing rental rates would apply.


R&D & upcoming projects

8          Marie Bolloré says « Beyond BlueSG car sharing solution and charging infrastructure, the Bolloré Group wants to benefit from the dynamic and favorable ecosystem of Singapore to develop new R&D projects. This activity will be based on our expertise in the electro-mobility, energy storage, and information systems. » This new innovation platform will take place in Singapore and open in the upcoming months. BlueSG will build a team conducting research and development projects in partnership with local industries and research institutes for smart cities and intelligent transport systems.


Tackling environmental issues


9          BlueSG also contributes to the reduction of noise, odor and atmospheric pollution. Over a one-year period, BlueSG vehicles have been rented 100,000 times, with over 2 million kilometers driven. This represents a saving of 480 tonnes of CO2.


The LMP® (Lithium Metal Polymer) battery: a unique technology at the heart of the Bluecar

The LMP® battery is an innovative technology with full-solid architecture, designed and produced in Brittany (France) by Blue Solutions, a subsidiary of the Bolloré Group. Its most notable features are its high energy density and safety of use. The solid electrolyte limits the risks of local pollution in the event of an accident or if the battery pack is damaged. In addition, the LMP® battery is not sensitive to temperature fluctuations (ambient temperature range of -20°C to +65°C) and contains no cobalt, solvents or rare earth metals. Blue Solutions is a partner of the European Battery Alliance, whose aim is to boost the European battery sector. The LMP® battery’s widespread use in car-sharing solutions in Europe, America and Asia (including BlueSG) as well as in electric buses has demonstrated its performance, reliability and robustness.

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About BlueSG:

BlueSG a one-way car sharing solution using electric cars in self-service. Launched in Singapore in December 2017, with the cooperation of the Land Transport Authority and the Economic Development Board, this service offers a convenient, flexible and affordable transport option for Singaporeans. It is a fully integrated solution developed by the Bolloré Group thanks to the expertise of its subsidiaries Bluecar, IER and Polyconseil, specialized in electric cars, charging infrastructures and information systems. BlueSG aims to roll out a 1,000-strong electric vehicle fleet and 2,000 charging points by 2020. It will therefore become the largest self-service electric car sharing service in the world.



BlueSG in figures:

  • 300 Bluecars
  • 135 stations
  • 531 charging points
  • More than 20 000 members since the launch
  • 100 000 rentals, i.e. more than 2 million of kilometers driven
  • 480 tonnes of CO2 saved


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