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BlueSG’s Electric Vehicle Car-Sharing continues its success in Singapore

Oct. 03, 2018
Press Release - Wednesday, 03 October 2018

BlueSG’s Electric Vehicle Car-Sharing continues its success in Singapore, with 100 BlueSG charging stations offering 393 charging points island-wide in less than ten months
- More than 17,000 members and 70,000 rentals


Singapore, 3 October 2018 – BlueSG Pte. Ltd. (a subsidiary of the Bolloré Group), today announced the opening of its 100th BlueSG charging station located at 1 Cantonment Road, The Pinnacle @ Duxton with strong membership and rental figures less than 10 months after the launch of its Electric Vehicle Car-Sharing Programme.

2) BlueSG, the first large-scale electric vehicle car-sharing service in Singapore, announced it has garnered more than 17,000 registered memberships and 70,000 rentals as at 30 September 2018. More than 10,000 rentals were made in the month of September 2018 alone. There are currently 230 Bluecars and 100 BlueSG charging stations offering 393 charging points island-wide. BlueSG launched its programme on 12 December 2017 with 80 Bluecars and 32 BlueSG charging stations.

3) To celebrate the opening of its 100th station, BlueSG will offer 1-hour free rental to all its Premium members who drove more than 100 minutes between 3 to 12 October 2018.

4) BlueSG has received more than 6,000 requests for new stations and is working with the authorities and private landlords to increase quickly increase its network in residential areas, downtown, and points of interest.

5) A new version of the BlueSG mobile app (BlueSG) can be downloaded on the App Store and Google Play, and will enable users to enjoy a new functionality: Queue-POP. Queue-POP provides users the ability to register for the next available Bluecar or parking lot and know if they are next in queue. This will enable members to better plan for their transport needs. Drivers can easily connect to the BlueSG Customer Relations Centre directly from the Bluecar and speak to a customer service representative. The Bluecar is also equipped to provide users with 24/7 assistance through an on-board computer that displays information and alert messages. In addition, a user’s personal settings such as
favorite addresses and radio stations will also be uploaded in every Bluecar they will drive.

6) There are two subscription plans for the BlueSG programme – a Premium Yearly membership
plan priced at $15 per month with lower rental rates of S$0.33 per minute; and a weekly membership
plan which does not require any recurring fee with rental rates of S$0.50 per minute. Both plans have a
minimum rental period of 15 minutes.

7) Interested parties can sign up and register on or the BlueSG mobile app
(BlueSG), which can be downloaded on the App Store and Google Play, and will enable users to book a
Bluecar and reserve a BlueSG parking space in advance.

8) “As we committed at our launch in December 2017, we continue our fast deployment to be
available to all Singapore residents. With 100 stations, in almost every town island-wide, BlueSG is a
convenient and competitive commuting option in complement of the existing public transport network.
More importantly, BlueSG is becoming a viable alternative to car ownership and some of our users have
already started selling off their private vehicles. Moving forward, this will contribute to car-lite Singapore
for the benefit of the environment,” said Franck Vitté, Managing Director, BlueSG.

9) BlueSG is also pleased to announce it has partnered Sembcorp Power, the electricity retail arm
of Sembcorp Industries for the supply of electricity to its charging stations. With 15-year experience in
electricity retail in Singapore, Sembcorp Power was selected as a trusted provider of efficient, reliable
and environmentally-friendly power.

10) Lim Yeow Keong, Senior Vice President (Commercial) at Sembcorp Utilities’ Energy Division
said, “At Sembcorp, we aim to provide energy that makes a difference – to our customers, the
environment and to our community in Singapore.
“We are therefore very excited to partner BlueSG, and support both the car-sharing and electric vehicle
sectors in Singapore. It’s our hope that this partnership will help promote environmentally friendlier
transport options, and support a greener, lower-carbon future for Singapore.”

11) BlueSG aims to roll out a 1,000-strong electric vehicle fleet and 2,000 charging points by 2020.

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About Blue Solutions:
Publicly traded since October 30, 2013, Blue Solutions is the company that manages the electrical
storage operations developed by the Bolloré group. By diversifying its historical business of producing
paper and ultrathin plastic film, the Bolloré group has become a producer of complete electrical
components for capacitors, and now holds over one-third of the global market. With this expertise and
more than 20 years of R&D, the group has engineered electrical storage solutions and batteries that rely
on a unique technology, the LMP® (Lithium Metal Polymer) battery as well as supercapacitor
technology. The batteries are employed both in mobile applications (cars, bus, tram) as well as
stationary ones (storing electricity for individuals, businesses, local governments, etc.) developed and
sold by other group entities through Blue Applications, which since 2011 has been rapidly growing on
every continent.

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