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BlueSG announced positive figures of its Electric Vechicle Car-Sharing Programme

Feb. 05, 2018
Press Release - Wednesday, 3 January 2018

BlueSG announced positive figures of its Electric Vehicle Car-Sharing Programme

Singapore, 3 January 2018 – BlueSG Pte Ltd (a subsidiary of the Bolloré Group), today announced high membership and rental figures after the launch of its Electric Vehicle Car-sharing programme.

2 BlueSG, the first large-scale electric vehicle car-sharing service in Singapore, announced more than 3,300 registered members and 5,000 rentals at 31 December 2017. BlueSG launched its programme on 12 December 2017 with 80 Bluecars and 32 BlueSG charging stations available for public use.

3 There are two subscription plans for the BlueSG programme – a Premium Yearly membership plan priced at $15 per month with lower rental rates of S$0.33 per minute; and a weekly membership plan which does not require any recurring fee with rental rates of S$0.50 per minute. Under the current launch promotion, drivers who register before 31 March 2018 enjoy a one year free Premium Yearly membership with no recurring monthly fee and a rental rate of S$0.33 per minute. Both plans has a minimum rental of 15 minutes.

4 Interested parties can sign up and register on or the BlueSG mobile app (BlueSG), which can be downloaded on the App Store and Google Play, and will enable users to book a Bluecar and reserve a parking lot in advance.

5 “We are very encouraged and heartened by the overwhelming response so far. This shows that BlueSG is a convenient and attractive option for commuters. We are looking at quickly deploying more stations island wide as requested by a high number of Singapore residents” said Franck Vitté, Managing Director, BlueSG.

6 BlueSG aims to roll out a 1,000-strong electric vehicle fleet and 2,000 charging points by 2020.
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About Blue Solutions:
Publicly traded since October 30, 2013, Blue Solutions is the company that manages the electrical storage operations developed by the Bolloré group. By diversifying its historical business of producing paper and ultrathin plastic film, the Bolloré group has become a producer of complete electrical components for capacitors, and now holds over one-third of the global market. With this expertise and 20 years of R&D, the group has engineered electrical storage solutions and batteries that rely on a unique technology, the LMP® (Lithium Metal Polymer) battery as well as supercapacitor technology. The batteries are employed both in mobile applications (electric vehicles) as well as stationary ones (storing electricity for individuals, businesses, local governments, etc.) developed and sold by other group entities through Blue Applications, which since 2011 has been rapidly growing on every continent.
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