New features

1. You can now add and view your promo codes(1) with just a few clicks on your BlueSG app.

It's simple.  Click on “Benefits” in the main menu

You will see a page appear with all the promo codes that you benefit from.

Promo codes will be sorted according to whether they are “Active” and “Inactive”.

Add a new promo code.

Click on the "Enter a promo code" button to add a promo code to your list. Stay tuned as we reveal more ways to get promo codes. (2).


2. Share your experience after each rental

Didn't have a good experience? Click on ☹ at the "End Rental" screen and you can share your feedback about what went wrong. 


3. Refer your friends easily!

Simply click on the referral link in the “Benefits” section.

The more friends you refer, the more you get rewarded.

1. Promo codes are not applicable to the Rental Packages.
2. Only applicable for valid promo codes.