What is car sharing?

Carsharing is a type of short-term car rental meant for trips around the island, providing the freedom of vehicle use without the costs and hassle of owning a personal vehicle. BlueSG is a membership-based subscription service coming to Singapore, offering access to a network of shared electric vehicles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at self-service locations throughout the country.


What is the Bluecar?

The Bluecar is an all-electric vehicle manufactured by the Bolloré Group of France, designed and intended specifically for carsharing. The car gets up to 250 km to the charge and seats four (4) adults comfortably. The back seat can be folded down to make room for larger loads, and includes a latch system to enable securing a child seat for safe transport of young children.


What are the requirements for using BlueSG?

To use BlueSG, the driver must be 21 years or older and hold a valid ASEAN driver’s license or International driver’s permit. Users will also need a debit or credit card to set up an account.


What will it cost?

Costs will vary, depending on which membership level is chosen, what discounts you qualify for, and how much time you use the car.  Tariff will be published near the launch date.


How do I start using the service?

1) Sign up: You will be able to sign up for the service online, through the website and the mobile app, or in-person with one of our BlueSG ambassadors. You will need to provide proof of driver’s license and a payment card number to set up your account.

2) Activate: You will receive a code that allows you to activate your membership at any BlueSG station. You will be able to pair your existing EZ Link card to your account or request a BlueSG card for vehicle access.

3)  Go: Just tap your card at any station to pick up a car and get driving!


Is Insurance included?

Yes! BlueSG provides insurance coverage for its members up to the minimum amount required by law. In the event of an accident, members are responsible for the deductible


Where will I park the car?

You can park anywhere it is legal to park a vehicle, but you can only end your trip by plugging in at a BlueSG station. BlueSG stations generally consist of for parking spots with one charging cable each. Cars can be returned to any of these stations. BlueSG plans to open by the end of 2017 with 30 stations quickly available. Eventually BlueSG will propose a dense network of 500 stations island wide, being easily accessible almost anywhere you are.


How long will I be able to take the car?

The Bluecar has an average range of about 200 km. The cars are typically meant for trips around the city,. If the charge level drops below 30%, users will be notified to return the vehicle to a BlueSG station. Usage fees will continue until the car is returned to a station. You can drive the cars only in Singapore and it is not allowed to pass the immigration check points.


Will I be able to drive using my friend’s account?

Memberships are for individual users and are not interchangeable. Only the subscriber can drive the Bluecar. When you register, you set a secure personal identification code that prevents another person from using your card in case of loss or theft.


What if I get a ticket or get the vehicle towed?

Any ticket or legal infraction that causes a fine is the responsibility of the driver when that event occurs. Charges are added to your bill if not paid at the time of the incident. If a car is abandoned or towed, the user is charged a fee for associated administrative costs and retrieval of the vehicle.