RESERVATION | Can I still change an ongoing reservation?

Of course you can. Any confirmed reservation is chargeable and non-refundable. However, if you wish to change the station for your car and/or parking spot reservation, it is possible to modify an ongoing reservation. If the new station has a higher reservation fee, you will need to pay for the price difference.

RESERVATION | Is the paid reservation cumulated to the penalty for having made a reservations and not taking the car / not canceling the reservation?

Yes. The two are cumulative.

Paying for a reservation does not exempt you from paying the reservation penalty. In fact, according to our current T&Cs, there is a penalty of $5 if you let a car reservation expire without honoring the reservation. We would like to remind that you should always remember to cancel a reservation that you will not be able to honor. If you do so, you will not have to pay the penalty.

RESERVATION | How do I know that I have received a discount?

The discount is included in the total rental amount. It is displayed: at the end-of-rental message (SMS or notification), in the end of rental screen and in the "Rentals" section of your app.

You can refer to your bill for the full breakdown.