No, pets are strictly not allowed in the Bluecar.

No. You can drive the Bluecar only in Singapore as it is not allowed to pass the immigration check points.

The Bluecar has an average range of about 250 km, depending on speed and terrain. The Bluecar is meant for short trips around Singapore. If the battery level drops below 30%, users will be notified to return the vehicle to a BlueSG station. Usage fees will continue until the Bluecar is returned to a station.

There will be a blinking light to indicate that the dashcam is recording.

Check that the camera is intact and is working. Refrain from touching the camera as everything has been pre-set, including the resolution and angle of the camera to ensure optimum recording.

To use BlueSG, the driver must be from 20 to 69 years old and hold a valid driving license for a minimum of 1 year. Users will also need a debit or credit card to set up an account.

For foreigners, if you have resided in Singapore for more 1 year, you will need to convert your foreign driving license. If you reside in Singapore for less than 1 year, you will also need to submit the International Driving Permit (IDP) issued by an authorized body in your country, along with the driving license. Should an IDP be not available, an official translation of your foreign driving license in English is required. For ASEAN member country, IDP is not required, simply submit your driving license.

Our dashcam can record videos for up to 7 days and automatically rewrite past recordings when the memory is full.

The Bluecar is a 100% electric vehicle manufactured by the Bolloré Group of France, designed and intended specifically for car-sharing. The Bluecar seats 4 adults comfortably. The back seat can be folded down to make room for larger loads and includes a latch system to enable securing a child seat for safe transport of young children.

You can park anywhere that is legal to park a vehicle, but you can only end your rental by plugging in at a BlueSG station. BlueSG stations generally consist of 4 parking spots with one charging cable each. Bluecars can be returned to any of these stations.

Rest assured; our team is working hard to equip more Bluecars with dashcams.

Our dashcams do not include sound recordings.

Yes! BlueSG provides insurance coverage for its members up to the minimum amount required by law. For full details, please view our Terms and Conditions, under Section 8.

Please call our 24/7 Customer Relations Centre immediately at +65 3163 7800. Kindly note that all damages found on the Bluecar must be informed by means of a voice call to our Customer Relations Centre prior to your departure to safeguard your interest. For damages reported during or after your rental, you may be liable for the damages.

You may email the photograph(s) of the damages to our Customer Relations Centre at

Please call our 24/7 Customer Relations Centre immediately at +65 3163 7800 or press the in-car blue button on the dashboard of the Bluecar and our Customer Relations Team will assist you.

ERP charges are payable and will be charged to your BlueSG account automatically. There is no need to insert the cash card into the Bluecar IU although you may choose to do so.

For all BlueSG stations, there are no parking charges.

For non-BlueSG stations, third party parking charges will still apply. You will need to insert the cash card into the Bluecar IU for payment. Please note that your rental is still ongoing until you end your trip at a BlueSG station.

Please kindly email the parking receipt to us via email to and we will reimburse you the parking charges paid through your recent rental charges.

How to retrieve the Receipt:
If you made the payment via EZ-Link:
(a) via EZ-Link mobile app, kindly take a screenshot of the transaction inclusive of the date, time and amount.
(b) via EZ-Link top-up machine, simply tap your EZ-Link card at the machine, select ‘Transaction History’, take a photo of the transaction inclusive of the date, time and amount.

If you made the payment via cash card:
(a) via cash card top-up machine, select ‘Transaction History’ then ‘Print’, take a photo of the receipt inclusive of the date, time and amount.

If you made payment via alternative method, please do not hesitate to contact our 24/7 Customer Relations Centre at +65 3163 7800 for assistance.

Of course you can. Any confirmed reservation is chargeable and non-refundable. However, if you wish to change the station for your car and/or parking spot reservation, it is possible to modify an ongoing reservation. If the new station has a higher reservation fee, you will need to pay for the price difference.

For example, if you make a car reservation at $1 at a selected station, then you decide to modify your reservation for a car reservation at another station where the reservation is set at $2, then you will be required to pay an additional $1 to make up for the price difference.

The discount is included in the total rental amount. It is displayed: at the end-of-rental message (SMS or notification), in the end of rental screen and in the "Rentals" section of your app.

You can refer to your bill for the full breakdown.

To start your rental, tap on the « Start Rental » button and you will be able to see the Bluecar that has been automatically assigned to you. You may choose to select another Bluecar via the « Change » button. Finally, tap on « Confirm » to start your rental.

! You will still need to tap your card to unlock the Bluecar.*

In case of unavailability, you can queue for Bluecar and parking space virtually using the Queue-POP function. Simply select the station of your choice, tap on the Queue-POP button, select the station(s) to queue and you’re done! A pop-up notification will appear once a Bluecar or parking space is available, and it will be automatically reserved for you.

☑️ Free for all members
☑️ No cancellation fee
☑️ Select as many stations as you want
☑️ Queue up to 2 hours

Bluecar reservations can hold up to 30 minutes. If you do not collect your reserved Bluecar within the stipulated 30 mins reservation duration, there will be an Additional Fee of $5. Should you be unable to collect the Bluecar, we recommend that you cancel your reservation within the 30 mins reservation duration to avoid the Additional Fee. Kindly note that if you cancel your reservation, you will not be allowed to make a new reservation within 10mins. Nonetheless, you may still proceed to the station directly to collect a Bluecar from the charging kiosk at our BlueSG station.

Parking space reservations can hold up to 45 minutes. If you do not drive to your reserved parking space within the stipulated 45 mins reservation duration, the parking space will be released from your reservation and be available to others. Should you need to extend the parking space reservation, we recommend that you cancel your parking reservation and reserve the parking space again.

These selected stations are currently discount privileged at selected timings of the day. To find out more, click on the station. A turquoise band will appear so you can see:

  • Whether the discount applies on departure from or arrival at this station
  • The end time of the discount
  • The amount of the discount

These discounts reward you for locating cars away from low-demand locations or to bring cars to high-demand locations. Thus, whenever you move a car to these stations while on your rental, you benefit from a discount, and this improves the availability of cars and parking slots for other customers at the same time!

You can still make a car/parking space reservation at a station with a discount. However, you will only enjoy the discount if you pick up your car/ end off your rental during the discounted period.

Yes. The two are cumulative.

Paying for a reservation does not exempt you from paying the reservation penalty. In fact, according to our current T&Cs, there is a penalty of $5 if you let a car reservation expire without honoring the reservation. We would like to remind that you should always remember to cancel a reservation that you will not be able to honor. If you do so, you will not have to pay the penalty.

The discount will be applied automatically once you end your rental or pick up your car. Check that you are eligible for the discount on your application: the discount is displayed when you select the station where you wish to pick up your car or the station where you wish to drop off your car, and is available until the time indicated.

A Pairing Code is used only once to pair your BlueSG membership card or EZ-Link card to your BlueSG account. It is sent to you via SMS after your account is validated. Key in the Pairing Code at the station kiosk to pair your BlueSG membership card or EZ-Link card for the first time. Once your card has been paired, you will no longer require the Pairing Code.

A Personal PIN is a numeric password that you will use every time you start your rental.
It is a minimum 4-digit numeric password that you have decided on during your application process.
Key in the Personal PIN when you are ready to start your rental.

We have introduced this entitative to optimize the availability of cars and parking spots for customers.

At selected stations, you may be required to pay reservation fees for a car or parking spot. The reservation fees will be displayed next to the Reserve button on the app. This fee is non-refundable and will be charged to you once your reservation is made.

The reservation fees are only reflected during selected periods, depending on the demand at the departure or arrival of a station.

It is possible to modify your car and/or parking space reservation. However, please note that you will be charged the higher reservation fee.

We have introduced this entitative to optimize the availability of cars and parking spots for customers.

At selected stations, you may enjoy discounts on your rental when you depart or arrive at the station. These stations are indicated with a turquoise dot on your BlueSG app.

Discounts will be applied automatically to your bill, and is not available with rental packages.

The discounts are only reflected during selected periods, depending on the demand at the departure or arrival of a station.

Yes, you will still be charged the reservation fee even if you cancel your reservation.


No. Payment is made from the credit or debit card that you have registered with BlueSG during your application. The EZ-Link card identifies you and is used to lock/unlock the cars.

Please login to your account on the BlueSG app, tap on the top left profile button, tap on Subscription, choose your valid subscription and tap on payment mode to make a $0 payment to validate your new payment details.

Alternatively, you may login via the BlueSG website and click on ‘My Information’ and you can edit your payment details at the bottom of the page.

To make payment for the outstanding bills, please login via the BlueSG website and click on ‘My Bills’ and choose the outstanding bill that you wish to make a one-time payment for. Please note that payment is only available to outstanding bills with at least 3 deduction failures registered in our system.

Please login to your account via the BlueSG mobile app and tap on "Benefits" to reveal your vouchers. Alternatively, you may also login to your account via the BlueSG website and click on ‘My Vouchers’ to check on your vouchers.

Memberships are for individual users and are not interchangeable. Only the registered subscriber can access the car sharing service. When you register, you set a secure personal identification code that prevents another person from using your card in case of loss or theft.

  1. Sign up: You will be able to sign up for the service online, through the website and the BlueSG mobile app. You will need to provide your ID, proof of driver’s license and a payment card number to set up your account.


  2. Activate: You will receive a Pairing Code that allows you to activate your membership at any BlueSG station. You will be able to pair your existing EZ Link card to your account or request a BlueSG membership card for vehicle access.


  3. Go: Just tap your card at any station to pick up a Bluecar and start driving!

Learn more about how BlueSG carsharing works, read the User Guide or watch the tutorial videos.


Validated before
9 May 2022, 23H59.
Validated from
10 May 2022, 00H00.
Membership fee $8.00 $18.00 $18.00
FREE Rental Mins NIL FREE 45min
(worth $16.20)
FREE 40min
(worth $16.80)
Total $24.20 $18.00 $18.00


Monthly savings: $6.80 ($24.80 - $18)

6 months savings for PREMIUM validated from 10 May 2022, 00H00: 6 months savings: $40.80 ($6.80 * 6 months)

Membership activation will take up to 24 - 48 hours. Once your account has been validated, you will receive a pairing code via SMS.

To end your membership, please send us a message in writing using 'My Account' --> 'My Messages' in your BlueSG App or account login via the BlueSG website

  • BlueSG Basic Plan : Message to be sent at least 5 working days prior to the Renewal Date of the Basic Plan.
  • BlueSG Premium Plan : Message to be sent within 30 days but not less than 5 days prior to the Renewal date of the Premium Plan.

No, the Weekly plan is no longer available from 12 Dec 2019.

The Packages enable you to make longer rentals at discounted prices!

    To benefit from the Packages:
  • Open the app and then, after selecting your departure station, press the « Rent » button.
  • When the list of the available packages appears(1), select the package of your choice and validate.
  • The package you choose will appear at the top of your screen and a car will be automatically selected. If you think you might need more battery for your trip, you can select a different car.
  • Tap the « Confirm » button to start your rental with your chosen Package(2)
  • At the end of your journey tap your membership card on the charging point, reconnect and lock the Bluecar as usual to end your rental(3).

(1) Packages may vary : Their availability, duration and cost might change. You can see the list of packages available at any given moment directly on the app by tapping the « Rent » button.

(2) During your rental, make sure you have enough battery to reach your destination and reconnect the car to a BlueSG station. You should only reconnect the car once you are ready to end your rental.

(3) The minimum charge for your rental will amount to the total price of the package, the equivalent price per minute is only indicative. If you rental is shorter than the package you have purchased, no refund can be issued. If your rental exceeds the duration described in the package, each additional minute will be billed at the price per minute specified in your membership.

There are 2 types of membership plans available:

Premium Plan
Membership fees: $18 per month for a 6 months commitment
Rental charges: $0.42 per minute
+ Free 40 minutes of rental monthly

Basic Plan
Membership fees: $8 per month
Rental charges: $0.42 per minute

Rental duration begins when you tap your membership card and enter in your pin on the charging kiosk before unplugging the charger from the Bluecar.
Rental ends when you tap on the charging kiosk and plug the charger back into the Bluecar. There will be a minimum charge that is equivalent to 15 minutes of rental usage.

My Activity reflects rental-related activities, including end of rental and Queue-POP reservations. My Good Deals show you the latest updates and promotions, including free rental minutes gifts, special offers and announcements. Be sure to turn on your notification settings for both functions!


From 31 May 2021, the BlueSG charging kiosks network will be transferred to BLUECHARGE​ PTE LTD. If you would like to subscribe to the charging service, please visit and sign up via