Accident Reporting Procedure

Change in Accident Reporting Procedure


We wish to inform all our members that with effect from Wednesday, 20 March 2019, any member involved in an accident shall abide by the following procedure:


     (i) immediately contact our Customer Relations Centre (3163 7800) to notify our agent of the accident;

     (ii) take photographs of the damage to the BlueSG Car with at least two (2) photographs showing the damages while capturing the number plate;

     (iii) take photographs of the damage to any other vehicle and/or property involved with at least two (2) photographs showing the damages while capturing the number plate. If it is a multiple vehicle collision, take photographs of the vehicles with direct contact (i.e. immediate front/rear vehicle);

     (iv) take photographs of the accident scene;

     (v) where the accident involves a government vehicle, damage to government property, a foreign vehicle, a pedestrian or cyclist, a hit-and-run case, or an injury requiring hospitalization or medical leave of 3 days or more, you shall file a police report;

     (vi) email our Authorised Reporting Centre ( as soon as practicable and in no event later than 12 hours from the time of the accident to secure an appointment to file the accident report in person;

     (vii) you will receive a reply from the Authorised Reporting Centre notifying you of the date and time of your appointment;

     (viii) when you attend the appointment, you shall bring the following with you:

          (a) driver’s licence;

          (b) NRIC or FIN;

          (c) photos referred to in (ii)-(iv) above; and

          (d) police report (where applicable).


Please be informed that our Authorised Reporting Centre is located at:


Indeco Engineers

39 Defu Lane 12

Singapore 539139


For the avoidance of doubt, you will no longer be required to submit the accident report online or to our Claims department.