Who Is Your Favourite Female “Superhero”?

What comes to your mind when you see the word “superhero”? Are you thinking of Iron Man, Superman or Wonder Woman? These are examples of Comic Book superheroes that we usually associate with. Did you know, a special day is dedicated to the celebration of our everyday superheroes? It’s the 8th of March! On this day, we celebrate all the wonderful superheroes in our midsts – females! It is a month where we embrace, empower and acknowledge all the females in our lives. 

Is there any “superhero” that inspires you? What has she done that has positively impacted you? Continue reading to find out what being a superhero entails to Munah, Yi Ting and Jane!


#1 She makes me feel strong. She empowers me! 

Who is your female superhero?

“She is my very good friend Shaza Ishak. We have the oddest relationship because we love each other so much, but refuse to show it! So please never let her find this! :P”

How has she impacted you?

“She is the most hard-working person I know. On top of being resilient, she is also extremely generous and kind to me, my family and to anyone she meets. She is always there to lend a hand and is one of the few people in my life that I know I can turn to when I'm at my lowest. She will always guide me and laugh with me because she knows that's what I'd need! Hahaha. Watching her go through her life, fighting battles, achieving everything she sets her mind to, inspires me to be better and not give up on what's most important to me. She makes me feel strong.”

What would you do on an ideal day out with her?

“We would TRAVEL and/or go for a spa date! We're very like-minded as we both love experiencing new, exciting, even scary things. I chose travelling with her as it always inspires me further and brings new perspectives to my life. I also mentioned a spa date, because this girl works non stop. I think she has as many hours as Beyonce! She definitely deserves a break every once in a while.”

Munah Bagharib, Influencer



One thing that our female “superheroes” have in common is that they help us create better versions of ourselves. Munah and Shaza are just like Iron Man and Spiderman – Although Iron Man was not exactly expressive of his care towards Spiderman, we know that they inspired each other, and built each other up. 

Who are some of the females in your life that inspire you to be a better version of yourself? Sometimes, these hidden “superheroes'' are our closest friends or family, quietly creating positive impacts in our daily lives. Though for some, it may seem cringy to show your love for people you are so close to, let’s make an exception this International Women’s Day! 



#2: My mum would say, “See la, you deserved it.” 

Who is your female superhero? 

“My mum.”

How has she impacted you?

“Growing up with my tiger mum, it was impossible to win an argument or even if I did, I would end up braving through a few strokes of the cane. 

In hindsight, I am grateful for some of her nagging and strict upbringing. I learnt to be ultra-independent and strong, simply because of her. From my daily necessities to laptop, phone bills and university tuition fees, I earn and pay for all of my own needs.

Through my mum, I've also learnt that even in times of adversity, we should maintain a positive outlook as there is no point stressing over something you can't change or have no control over.

What would you do on an ideal day out with her?

“I would like to drive her around Singapore!”

Yi Ting, Student and Tiktoker



As Asians, I’m sure we can relate to Yi Ting’s story. Many of us grew up with mothers who were tough on the outside but soft on the inside. From nagging at us to get off our phones, to complaining about our laziness at home, all these nurture us to become more responsible individuals nonetheless.

Despite these “annoying” things our mums say to us, they are superheroes who raise us to who we are today. They are our special superheroes with multiple superpowers, taking on many tough roles just to take care of us. Don’t forget to send some love and appreciation to your mom for being your superhero!



#3 She has a heart of gold. 

Who is your female superhero?

“My good friend, Jade Quinton (better known as "Jade Sparkle"). I’ve known her for almost a decade!”

How has she impacted you?

“I've seen Jade grow from being a newbie tattoo artist to now being a boss of her own tattoo studio with 4 artists under her. She accomplished all this under the age of 30 years old. I feel that her work is extraordinary and she doesn't get enough credit for her work as an artist. On top of that, she has a heart of gold too!”

What would you do on an ideal day out with her?

“I would pick her up at her doorstep with flowers (because she likes that sort of thing) then head out for a girly day at the beach. We'll have a picnic, some drinks, play a board game, and watch a Brad Pitt flick (because she loves him). Jade works really hard while I'm a very busy mom so we both need that simple escapism from the real world.”

- Jane Surin, Mummy Influencer



As a child, many of us (including myself) have pictured ourselves as superheroes, possessing superpowers such as being able to fly, teleporting, moving things around magically, etc… 

Even as we grow up, let’s not lose that dream of becoming a superhero! A superhero does not form overnight, but it certainly pays off when you put in the effort. Just as Jade poured her heart into what she loved and improved as a tattoo artist, we are all capable of attaining our very own “superpowers”! We may not be able to fly just like superman, but not all superheroes have capes and can fly. You and I can be our very own version of superheroes too! 





Celebrating Our SuperHERoes

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In case you’ve forgotten already, International Women’s Day is on the 8th of March. Remember to show your appreciation to all the superHERoes in your life! 

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