3 ways to commute around safely while going green!

Commuting in Singapore

Commuting in Singapore

In a small country like ours, commuting around is extremely convenient. We have a top-notch public transport system and multiple transport options at our fingertips that take us from day to night without breaking the bank. 

Besides affordability, cleanliness has also become a perennial concern for many commuters over the past 2 years.

Let us share with you a few other ways to get around that will give you peace of mind while making your commute a more sustainable one.  



Car-sharing is an effective way to reduce your environmental impact and contribute to a more sustainable future. Plus, if you don’t own a car, it’s great to occasionally have a set of wheels to get around. 

BlueSG’s car-sharing fleet is 100% electric, eliminating carbon emissions and noise population. What’s more, the rates are very affordable and their charging stations are conveniently located island-wide!

BlueSG staff cleaning the Bluecar

For those concerned about cleanliness, since Phase 2 Heightened Alert in May this year, BlueSG has increased the frequency and introduced round-the clock-cleaning and disinfecting of all cars.

Staff use disposable antiseptic wipes for each vehicle to lessen cross-contamination and to upkeep hygiene standards. 

Using disposable antiseptic wipes for each Bluecar

Are there any etiquette rules for car-sharing? As the age-old saying goes, treat it like it’s your own!

Be socially responsible - from clearing your own trash after each ride to parking properly, it all helps to ensure a pleasant experience for the community of users.

New to BlueSG? First-time customers enjoy the first-month membership FREE on the Basic Plan (worth $8).  


SG Bike

Since the start of the pandemic, cycling has become increasingly popular and it's not hard to figure out why. It’s eco-friendly, affordable and an excellent way to sneak in a workout!  

SG Bike is one of the most prominent bike-sharing options in Singapore.

Their bicycles are conveniently located island-wide with the majority near MRT stations and HDB estates; providing a convenient last-mile transport option.

SG Bike

Photo credit: SG Bike

SG Bike sanitises the bicycles in their warehouse before deploying them out for public use. Additionally, with the heightened measures, they have also deployed a patrol team to frequently go on the ground to sanitise the bicycles.

SG Bike Cleaning Process

Photo credit: SG Bike

With the many park connectors and different cycling routes in Singapore, cycling is a fuss-free option to get around the island or to partake as a leisure activity.

New users to SG Bike enjoy a FREE 30 Days Ride Pass Subscription. Use promo code “BLUESGSGBIKE” during registration. Valid till 30 October 2021.



This may be the simplest solution of all. Just walk!

Walking is the original form of human transportation. And in Singapore, where we have more than 200km of sheltered walkaways, it may sometimes even be a faster option than taking public transport.

Plus, walking counts as daily exercise is FREE and you can even get rewarded for doing so. 

Health Hub SG

Photo credit: Health Hub SG

Pre-plan your journey to opt for less crowded routes, and if your schedule permits, avoid peak periods especially when you head out for non-essentials.


There you go! Now you have additional options for clean and green commuting. 

Whichever transport option you choose, adopt good personal hygiene and keep it safe for your fellow commuters. 


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Written by BlueSG.